“Me” Time Quiz

If you answer “yes” to at least two of these questions, you will benefit from reading “Me” Time: Finding the Balance Between Taking Care of Others and Taking Care of Yourself.

Do you feel like you’re busy all of the time, but still can’t get everything done?

Are you unable to say no to requests, then feel resentful when you get overwhelmed?

Does it feel like you do more than your share of the work in your relationships?

Do you find it difficult to ask other people for help?

Do you wish you knew what “normal” was?

Have you ever felt like you were an impostor, pretending to be competent when you really weren’t, and that someday you would be found out?

When you were a kid, did you ever wish that you were adopted and that your real parents would come looking for you so your life would get better? Or if you were adopted, did you wish that your real parents would come and rescue you?

Do you have any chronic physical or mental illnesses?

Do you tend to notice the things you don’t like about yourself more often than you notice the things you do like?

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about the past or worrying about your future?

Do you seem to gravitate towards situations in which it’s difficult or impossible to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself?

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