Book Reviews

Here’s what readers have to say about “Me” Time:


“I love this book! It brought balance in my life….I hope Jennifer Beall comes out with more ‘ME’ titles.”

“I was so impressed with this book, I bought one for all my siblings and some friends…Lots of practical tools to deal with issues I’ve been trying to address without expensive therapy.”

“This is probably one of the best books I’ve read… it helped me realize a lot of things about myself, which I hadn’t paid much attention to. I would definitely recommend it.”

“Very insightful to my situation. I learned that by taking care of myself first, I then can be effective with others.”

“My experience in reading this book was to have a most basic human need fulfilled: to be known and understood…I look forward to incorporating the practical exercises outlined in the book into my own life personally and sharing them professionally with my coaching clients.”

“As a pastor, I found the book to be sensitive, perceptive, and relevant to many folks I encounter. I’d recommend it to anyone who has dealt with unmet childhood need– but also to many who are seeking better balance in their lives!”


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