Finding Balance

Exhausted womanRita feels like there are never enough hours in the day. The demands of her job, all of her kids’ activities, and getting things done around the house are exhausting her. She feels dangerously close to having a major explosion. She knows something needs to change, but what?

Bernadette has a coworker, Brandy, whose endless conversations interrupt Bernadette’s work. Brandy follows Bernadette around the office, and even follows her to lunch. Bernadette wants some peace but doesn’t seem to be able to escape Brandy’s unwanted attention. She wishes she knew how to get through to her.

Rianne always feels like the loser in her relationships with friends, boyfriends, and coworkers. It seems they always hold the cards; she ends up twisting herself into a pretzel to try to adapt to what they want.  She’s tired of always being in the “one down” position and wants to make a change, but doesn’t even know where to start.

What do these women have in common?

Their lives are out of balance because they’re meeting others’ needs at their own expense. This is not only threatening their well-being; it’s also threatening the well-being of the important people in their lives. If these women don’t find a way to take care of themselves, their ability to help others will also suffer.

They have other things in common, too. All of them have problems with self-esteem. Their relationships are unhealthy. They try to be perfect, but always feel like they fall short. They experience symptoms of depression and/or anxiety.

They need “me” time.

If you can identify with these stories, take some time to explore this site, including my blog. You’ll find tools to get what you need to carve out your “me” time, for your own sake and for others.

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